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Allergy Diagnostic Tests in Arlington TX

You know how it goes – it’s a certain time of year, and certain things are growing, and you’re sneezing uncontrollably. If you think you have allergies, you’re probably right. So what do you do?
Well, the first thing you need to do is find out what you’re allergic to. The most common way to find out is by having a skin test done. This involves nothing more than placing certain substances that you think you might be allergic to on your skin – usually on your back, your upper arm, or your forearm. Then, the doctor pricks your skin in such a way that the substance that you might be allergic to goes under your skin. Your doctor watches your skin to see if there’s a reaction, like redness or swelling. Usually if there’s going to be a reaction it will happen in about 20 minutes. Variables If you’re already taking allergy medications, they could affect the results of the test. The food that you’re eating could also affect the results. Keep in Mind Allergy tests aren’t infallible. Allergies are highly flexible, and what you’re allergic to one day might not be what you’re allergic to the next. If you have severe allergies, testing and shots, or even just changing your eating habits may prove to be helpful. Or not. How Allergy Tests Feel Following an allergy test, you may find that your nose is stuffy, your eyes water, or your skin turns red if you turn out to be allergic to the substances that are administered in the test. In very rare cases, you may have a full-body reaction, otherwise known as anaphylactic shock. If this happens, and again we have to stress that it is very rare, your doctor will administer cortisone and steroid shots that will alleviate the symptoms. The Final Word If you have severe allergies, testing and shots can help to relieve the symptoms. They’re not for everyone, though. So if your allergies are mild and easily treated with antihistamines, you might want to forego the allergy testing and the shots. Severe allergies, however, may be alleviated by means of regular shots. Essentially, the course of action is up to you. If you’re considering allergy diagnostic tests in Arlington TX, Dr. Antonio Rozier can help. Call him at 1-888-499-6908 to arrange a consultation so that you can be sure that allergy testing and shots are right for you.