So Much Stress… Hurts.

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Have you noticed that when you are more stressed-out the, more you feel your pain?
Numerous studies show that the appearance of pain is often closely associated with the onset of psychological stress, financial problems, and job dissatisfaction.

Stress-related Muscle and Bone Pain

Pain in the muscles and joints is often associated with stress. Musculoskeletal pain localized in the lower back, shoulders, and arms appear frequently to be unrelated to any disease and thus bear all indications of having a psychological relation. Researchers even believe that an increase in this type of pain is in an increase in the proportion of the population who are psychologically distressed.

There is no denying that multiple factors such as psychosocial environment, individual personality, specific behaviors, and mental stress can affect pain. There was a study on several hundred factory workers, assembly line workers, and supermarket cashiers suffering from musculoskeletal pain, it showed an increase in stress related hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate.It was all increased due to psychological stress.

Stress, Mental Health and Pain

Physical pain and psychological disorders such as depression often exist togeter. Have you ever seen a person who is in pain, and they are still in a happy mood?? Think about.

Roughly 30 percent of individuals who report pain are diagnosed with clinical depression, 75 percent of patients diagnosed with depression also suffer from physical symptoms, including pain. Even negative interaction with one’s spouse has been correlated with the sudden appearance of pain symptoms in otherwise healthy individuals.

Finally, the World Health Organization’s studied 3197 randomly selected primary care patients in 14 countries, which expressed a strong relationship between persistent pain and psychological disorders.

The evidence is mounting!! Stress has been related to worsening, prolonging and maybe even causing pain. This is why finding adequate ways to relieve your stress is so important. Whether its through your workout, yoga, reading, or cooking dinner for family. Find your Zen, find your Peace, and it will help you arrive in a much less painful place.