Low Back Pain and Common Causes

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If you have low back pain or know someone who does, then you have an idea of the difficulty that comes from low back pain and completing daily tasks.

Easy movements like walking, bending, even sitting can become almost impossible.I understand this issue first hand after I had a severe lumbar disc injury while working out.

Low back pain can start in a variety of ways . Sometimes it will appear after trauma, such as after a car accident. Many times, back pain will come out of the blue..with no warning. It can happen when you first get out bed, step out of the car, or reach for that can in the pantry.

There is a lot of confusion sometimes. Its hard to tell if is even coming from your back, or understanding why your back pain started in the first place.

Poor Sitting Posture

A slight forward curve in the lower part of your back is called lordosis. Slouching in your seat can lessen this curve or even reverse. This can increase the pressure on the disc that act as shock absorbers between your vertebrae…leading to low back pain.

Heavy Lifting

Jobs that require heavy lifting can place incredible stress on your spine. This stress can lead to lumbar strains in the muscle, and it can also increase pressure in your intervertebral discs. This pressure can cause low back pain or radicular pain(sciatica). Learning to lift properly is essential to controlling or preventing your pain.


Accidents and trauma can cause low back pain. Its obvious when a fall, vehicle accident, or injury at the gym can all cause low back muscle strains. Physical therapy can help your back pain after trauma, but first seeing a Physical Medicine and Rehab Physician first it is always a good idea to check in with your doctor after a traumatic event to ensure that no major damage is causing your pain.

If you low back pain suddenly, then a visit to my office will help us determine how to attack your pain. We will examine your activity, lifestyle, mechanics, and overall medical history. The first step in preventing further injuries it to understand why it started in the first place. Then we can take steps to change your posture, exercise, and bad habits.

If your back pain is associated weakness in your legs, changes in your bowel or bladder habits, or unexplained weight loss, seek medical attention immediately.