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Neuropathy Treatment in Arlington TX

Neuropathy is the term that doctors use to denote conditions involving the peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves are the nerves in your body that are not connected to your central nervous system (the spinal cord and the brain). It’s commonly seen with underlying medical conditions, but it can exist without an apparent cause, in which case it’s referred to as “idiopathic neuropathy.”
Neuropathy is fairly common, and is usually a complication of other conditions. It’s particularly prevalent in patients who have diabetes. As you might expect, given that it affects the nerves, neuropathy is frequently a painful condition. Causes of neuropathy can include repetitive injury, a single physical trauma, metabolic problems, infections, and toxin exposure. Successful neuropathic pain treatment in Arlington, TX patients depends on a proper diagnosis. Neuropathy Testing Neuropathy in and of itself can’t really be treated, but sometimes the underlying cause can be identified and removed. To use a very simple example, if the neuropathy is due to toxin exposure, the obvious course of action is to remove the toxin. If you are diabetic, you can expect neuropathy testing as a routine component of your medical care. Diabetic neuropathy pain treatment is often a part of treatment for Arlington, TX sufferers, as it is in other parts of the country – more than 20,000,000 American citizens suffer from neuropathy. Symptoms of Neuropathy With neuropathy, the sensory nerves (the ones that control sensation) can tingle, or feel numb or painful. The hands or feet may also feel week. In fact, neuropathy in feet treatment in Arlington, TX patients is extremely common. Neuropathy can also cause high blood pressure, a raised heart rate, and sweating. Causes of Neuropathy Neuropathy has a number of causes. One of the most common is diabetes, and that’s why diabetic neuropathy pain treatment in Arlington, TX is practically commonplace. Additional causes include vitamin deficiency, and various types of medication (particularly HIV and chemotherapy drugs). Excessive alcohol use can also cause nerve damage, resulting in neuropathy. Liver and kidney disease are also prime culprits. Other causes of neuropathy include:
  • Infections
  • Injuries that put pressure on nerves
  • Connective tissue diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Coeliac disease
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome
  • Various hereditary diseases

Again, it can’t be over-emphasized that diabetes is one of the most common causes of neuropathy, so if you are at risk for diabetes, you should take measures to improve your health before you develop the disease. Seek Help The outcomes for neuropathy can vary considerably, depending on the cause and the extent of the damage. Dr. Antonio Rozier can evaluate your condition and recommend a course of treatment. Call Zen Interventional Pain and Wellness Center at 1-888-499-6908 today to book an appointment.