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Hip Pain Relief in Arlington TX

Your hip joints are basically designed to deal with a lot of motion, and considerable wear and tear. The ball and socket joint of the hip is the largest joint in your body, and when it works properly, it allows for effective movement. When it doesn’t work properly, you’re going to be in pain. Fortunately, hip pain relief in Arlington, TX is readily available from your doctor.
Every time you use your hip, a cushion made of cartilage helps the hip joint to move effectively in its socket. The problem is that this hip joint isn’t likely to last forever. As you age, the cartilage can get damaged, or wear down, and the tendons and muscles in the joint can be over-used. And that means pain. Is Activity Good? You might find that if you’re active, the pain gets worse. This is a double-edged sword. Your hip hurts, so you don’t want to use it. And because you don’t use it, the condition gets worse and the pain becomes more debilitating. When it gets to the point that you can’t use your hip at all, you may end up needing surgery. Hip pain treatment in Arlington, TX doesn’t necessarily have to mean surgery, but in some situations it is the best course of action. Pain Can Be Sporadic Most people who suffer hip pain will find that it comes and goes. Sporadic hip pain can be treated by means of pain relievers, or steroid injections. Keep in mind that as you age, you will almost certainly develop some level of hip pain, along with reduced motion. It becomes a serious issue, however, if the pain never dissipates, or if you notice warmth, redness or swelling around the joint. If that happens, you have to see your doctor right away. Additionally, if you notice bleeding, if the pain has come on without warning, or if you’ve heard a cracking or popping noise along with the pain, this isn’t something that you should let go – see your doctor immediately, and if your doctor isn’t available, go to the emergency room.
Non-emergency hip pain can often be treated with OTC pain remedies, or something stronger prescribed by your doctor. Much of the time, hip pain is age-related and largely unavoidable. But if the pain is extreme and not easily explained, it could mean that emergency treatment is warranted.

If you need hip joint pain relief in Arlington, TX, call Dr. Antonio Rozier at 1-888-499-6908 to discuss your treatment options.